Tips on Quoting Copy Paper

What should you ask for, what should you expect!

Requesting a quote for copy paper sure used to be simple, just tell how many cartons you need and when you want them delivered.

Today, to receive the lowest pricing available there are a few tips to use to allow your vendors to determine their costs more accurately, which in turn could lead to some extra savings for you!

  • Order your 8.5x11 20# white copy paper in multiples of 40 cartons. By doing this you are utilizing the full pallet. Truckload quantities are 840 cartons or 21 pallets.
  • What period of time will this bid cover? A bid for paper delivered with in 30 days of the bid will usually receive better pricing then one that can be over a long period of time (such as 120 days or longer).
  • Will you accept foreign paper or do you want only domestic paper?
  • Use approximate dates range when you would want delivery. By allowing the vendor to schedule the truck could offer additional savings.
  • Do you want one delivery or multiple deliveries? One delivery will lower your overall cost on paper, however, do you have the storage space available.
  • Cover any delivery needs. Remember, that delivery is not a science, if the delivery truck had to wait at a stop or two before your, it could be later than anticipated.
  • Note any delivery requirements, and know the definition of the requirement. If you need tail gate delivery or lift gate truck, mention it in the quote. If you want inside delivery specify what you are expecting. Understand that most requirements will add costs, and it is better to know up front then when a driver is at your location.

By having your quote more defined, you can expect that you and the vendor will have a more accurat understanding for a successful bid and a successful delivery of product.

Paper101 can help you in figuring out what you need to send out a quote that would be the most cost efficient for your situation. Contact us at for more information.