Shipping Information

Shipping and Handling of the products you purchase continues to get more complicated. Everything from new government regulations, shortages of drivers, and added fuel costs have contributed to higher costs and confusion resulting in companies looking for more efficient ways of transporting freight.

We continues to look at ways to offer you the best service at the lowest cost. Call us at 1-800-217-4440 or email us at for more information the right delivery solution based on their need.

Types of delivery available

A specific cost will be provided through our Quick Quote

Dock - Best Value

Customer has a loading dock which has a recessed bay in a building or facility where trucks are loaded and unloaded. The truck generally backs in and the dock is level with the truck for easy loading and unloading. The driver of the truck is not involved in the unloading of the product..

Tailgate or Curbside

Driver is required to bring the product to the “tail” or back of the truck. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the product from the truck and move to the facility.


Product is lowered from the end of the truck to ground level with an automated tail gate by the driver. This does not include moving the product to an area outside or bringing the product inside the facility. Normally there is a charge per every 8,000 lbs. of product shipped.

Inside Delivery - Most Costly

Product is brought into the facility. Generally this means the items will be brought inside the door- for example, a lobby or a back room. Inside delivery does not include delivery down a hallway or a stair way. If inside delivery is requested, all doors, door jams and areas are cleared out and accessible and can accept a pallet jack and the weight of the pallet.

When Shipment Arrives

Requesting Sservices not listed on the bill of lading - Paper101 is only responsible for providing the services that were agreed upon on the quote or what is specifically requested and approved on the customers purchase order. Any additional services that are requested will be charged to the customer.

Inspect the shipment - Paper101 double checks every order before it leaves our warehouse to ensure accuracy. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the shipment prior to acceptance and note any freight damage and/or missing items on the Bill of Lading before the driver leaves. Write clearly on the bill of lading any and all concerns. Things to note on the Bill of Lading include:

  • Forklift punctures
  • Broken shrink wrap
  • Obvious dents
  • Opened reams/smashed cartons - including quantity
  • Missing items- including quantity

If you have the ability to take a picture of the load, please do so. Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving the product with the information so that we can start the process.

Also, keep packaging materials and damaged items for inspection. Please do not refuse your shipment without our knowledge, if you do, you may be re-charged a delivery fee to redeliver the product back to you or ship it back to our warehouse.

After the Product Arrives

Paper101 Guarantees All Prodcut to Perform Based on its intended use - If you are not satisfied with the performance of any of our products please call us immediately. We maintain high quality standards and will stand behind all of our products and services.